Monday, June 05, 2006

Back Asswards

So much for separation of church and state. This measure better not pass, or we might as well throw out civil rights and women's right to vote while we're at it.

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day May Day

If you haven't heard about the protests going on today, or you think they're stupid, you've been living under a bigoted, antediluvian rock. In case you seem to think these people should just go home, YOU try going to this website and see if you can figure out how to get a work VISA all by yourself. I can't and I've worked in a law office for 5 years.

Now imagine you can't read English but you can speak it. Or imagine you've just graduated from a U.S. high school and in all ways but one you are a bona fide American teenager. You don't even speak Spanish. Suddenly the U.S. government wants to pass laws that make it a felony for you to live in your homeland of the United States. Aren't you innocent? What did you do wrong? Why would they deport you to a foreign country when you pay taxes and work for a living, and don't break any laws except the one they just passed specifically against you??

I'd protest too!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Makes sense to me

Behind every joke, fairy tale, folk story, or Biblical account must be at least some grain of truth. How else did the story start? A fascinating sci fi book that looks at such things is Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card. But if you want reality, read the linked article about a man who's about to get a whole lot of hate mail. Some idiots just can't read between the lines.

We all accept that Jesus was a man, and yet more than a man. Men cannot walk on water. But they sure can walk on ice! (I guess - technically - you could say ice is water, right?)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Can't wait to read this book!

I have always loved history, but not just facts and figures. Oh no, I like to know about the people who went through what we now call "history". What was it like? Did they know the events they lived were going to be taught to children in schools? Tell me more than "a war was fought on here on March 2" blah blah blah. What were the soldiers wearing? What did they eat? Was it cold? Hot? Did that affect the outcome? Were they scared? Angry? Tell me about their lives. Was someone waiting for them back home?

Here is a book that promises all these things. Not only is it a personal account of one citizen's struggle through the Vietnam War, but it's that of a female surgeon. Very compelling stuff. However, near as I can figure, it's only been published in Vietnamese. Amazon doesn't have it. Anyone know more about this book? Does it come in English yet?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Words cannot describe...

.. nor adequately express my gratitude and awe. I borrowed these pictures from the dealership's website. It has one minor flaw you cannot see... only smell but others might also call it a bonus. Heheheh

Friday, March 24, 2006

Who's really in urgent?

I understand that reporters can sit down at their computer and crank out a story in a hurry but for the love of English, could ya run a spellcheck?? Especially when millions of people are going to read it? Check out the link. It was also linked on Yahoo's main page.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Funny how that works...

I find it interesting to note that last week we heard how Bush's approval ratings are in the toilet, and this week, we hear that people are growing more tolerant (or at the very least, less intolerant) of gay marriage. Coincidence?? Or poor data?